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Jun 12, 2006

Great post on making aliyah

Check out this new blog by someone making aliyah in July. He has two posts there so far. the first is why he is making aliyah - a must read. the second is the email he sent out to his co-workers. head on over to the Lyons of Judah and check it out.

Hat tip: Yeranen Yaakov


  1. Moshe and Esther are friends of ours. As I am with you Rafi, I am jealous and full of admiration for their willingness and upbeat attitude towards this endeavor. I readily admit I am a spoiled American and could not make the sacrifices you guys made and are making. To Moshe and Esther and family - You guys rock. we will miss you, but will keep in touch through your blog.

  2. Nice posts, really beautiful that they can pick up and go.

  3. I moved to israel with nothing. I came single, possibility of a job, and about 300 dollars in my pocket. If it didn't work out, I could have always gone back just as easily. No kids to worry about, no job, no houses, none of that stuff to worry about. In my humble opinion, it is harder to come when you have everything. mazal tov to everyone american who makes aliyah --- kudos to those who do it when they are happy in america.

  4. I agree. Western aliyah is something that is completely different from any other "mass" aliya in history where people were running away from various sorts of oppression.


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