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Apr 28, 2014

Prophecy in the media!

As you can see, the JPost has gotten so good at reporting, they even now can report things before they happen!

(it is not photoshopped. an intrepid reporter (SB) sent this to me before 10am)

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  1. No biggie. We all know these stories are written in advance.

    Just embarrassing when it's out there for all to see!

  2. Google scans the tops sites many times a day and the sites want google to pick them up and display high in the ranking, especially for news articles.

  3. Could it be the actual photo was from last year?

  4. Once Ynet wanted a scoop, that really backfired. They already had a newsflash on their website, that the space shuttle had safely landed, with Ilan Ramon inside, at the same time as it exploded as it reentered the athmosphere, killing all the astronauts including Ramon.


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