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Apr 24, 2014

the end of the story

sometimes you hear a story, maybe follow it for a while, and then you don't hear the ending. Often you don't hear the ending. This post is nothing more than the ending of an old story.

A few years ago, Life in Israel followed the story of a haredi couple that competed on "The Biggest Loser". The stated goal of Fishi and Mali Berkovitz was to lose enough weight to conceive a child. They competed, even under much communal criticism, and made it to the late rounds of the show.

And that was the story. After they were eliminated, we never heard from the again. Or at least I didn't. Like most contestants in reality tv shows, they went their way and were quickly forgotten.

The end of the story just came in. I saw a notice online somewhere that Fishi and Malki just gave birth to their first baby, a boy, after 10 years of marriage.

Mazel tov.

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  1. Mazal tov! Maybe we'll forgive the debt they've owed us for the past four years as a baby present.



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