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Apr 22, 2014

Take-Aways from a Bnei Braq miracle

Here is a story with two take-aways:
1. Bnei Braq miracles are the best!
2. until recently it was very rare for a yeshiva student to grow a beard. After a bochur got married and joined a kollel, growing a beard was always common - but as a bochur it was rare (not including in Hassidic yeshivas). Now it is not only common to see yeshiva bochurim sporting beards, but it has almost become a "must".
3. it looks like Litvish boys now date like Hassidic boys
4. perhaps we have a new solution for the shidduch crisis in America...

Here is the story, as reported by Kikar:
During the week before Pesach, the mayor of Bnei Braq, Chanoch Zeibert, went with a group of people to pay a visit to Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Included in the group was Deputy Mayor Avraham Rubinstein and sons. Rubinstein asked for a bracha for one of his sons to find his bashert.

According to the story, Rav Kanievsky looked at the relevant son and asked him why he was not growing a beard. The young man replied that he is, but his hair is very light so it is barely noticeable.

Rav Kanievsky took a closer look and then gave him the bracha that if so, then Hashem should help him get engaged very soon.

Sure enough, within the week he was engaged!

Kikar continues with another story of a French businessman whowent to Rav Chaim Kanievsky for a bracha to find his bashert. Rav Kanievsky looked at his smooth-shaven face and asked if in France they don't grow beards. After he promised to grow a beard, Rav Kanievsky gave him a bracha to get engaged very soon.

No word on whether or not this fellow got engaged yet...

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