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Apr 8, 2014

Quote of the Day

There are still buds and hopes.. we must encourage them and work hard.. we cannot say kaddish [on the peace process].. we must do everything possible to protect the continuation of  the negotiations..

 -- President Shimon Peres

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  1. I love Shimon Peres and I think that we can use him as a role model in Emuna. He has a belief that cannot be shaken no matter what. Even if he is ridiculed for his belief, or Ch'V people have died for his belief, nothing can make him even consider the possibility the his beliefs are false. Those of us who think that we have unshakable emuna should ask whether it would be shaken if we saw empirical evidence that it was false; is our Emuna as strong as Shimon Peres'?

  2. We shoud have said kaddish years ago.


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