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Apr 23, 2014

Tzfat residents fight about Shabbos

I had not realized how bad the situation had gotten in Tzfat, with the secular and Haredi communities opposing each other.. until recently the heated pool was opened on Shabbos. This led to protests by the Haredi community.
source: Kikar and Kooker

When that happens, everybody hunkers down in their positions, and the fight escalates. Eventually, a solution and compromise will most likely be found, probably with the pool being closed on Shabbos, but in the meantime it is a fight.

The fighting has even gotten bad enough that the police have arrested one of the members of the Committee for Safeguarding Shabbos, for possible incitement.
source: Ladaat

Will Tzfat become the "next Bet Shemesh" with sectors fighting each other over their lifestyles?

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  1. Will Tzfat become the "next Bet Shemesh"

    Eli Cohen for mayor of Tzfat! Stop the extremists!

  2. Just call it a mikva, everybody wins.


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