Jun 16, 2015

Proposed Law: treating waiters like human biengs

I've never understood why waiters and waitresses do not get paid salaries, and have to survive on tips instead. Why are they different than any other employee in a western country?

Obviously a salary would also come out of the customer's pockets, in the form of higher prices, but overall I'd probably be happy to know how much my dinner actually costs and not have to decide on a tip when I am finished eating. Regardless of me, the customer, waiters and waitresses need to be treated properly as employees, with minimum wage guaranteed, with benefits, and with the responsibility of paying taxes. Like any other employee.

Another thing I always wondered about is cleaning ladies. Cleaning ladies is another industry that is mostly a cash business. They do not pay taxes, they do not get benefits. Yet, with cleaning ladies it has become well known that you are actually obligated to be paying them bituach leumi money in addition to the salary you pay them. Even if they do not bother filing taxes and reporting their income, they can, and sometimes do, sue later for the bituach leumi money. They should be salaried employees or registered freelances. They should have to pay taxes on their income. They should have to pay their own bituach leumi, just like any registered freelancer does. Or they should be employees, with taxes deducted, with minimum wage, with benefits, with bituach leumi, and whatever else it entails.

MK Dov Henin (Hadash) has proposed a law that would at least deal with the waiters and waitresses. Henin's law would require restaurant owners to pay waiters and waitresses [at least] minimum wage, and not count the tips as or towards their salary.

Studies show that waiters and waitresses generally get paid less than minimum wage and receive no social benefits.
source: Jpost

It's a good start. Pay the waiters. Pay the waitresses. Treat them like human beings working for a living.

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