Jun 29, 2015

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One of the stops on our yam el yam hike was Kever Rashb"i in Meiron. After a long and tiring day of hiking we were planning to sleep under the stars that night, but before finding a spot, at dusk, we stopped at the kever, and then went to find some food.

Humus Eliyahu is at the entrance to Meiron. The staff / manager saw us with our backpacks (Simi, Aryeh and I must have looked somewhat tired an
d dirty) and immediately went out of their way to make us feel at home with some of the best humus I have tasted, with fresh pitot, piping hot 'schug' and 'full' as well as as much lemonade / freshly brewed coffee as we needed.

As we were leaving, the manager, Sharon Geula, asked us where we were sleeping. When I mentioned that we were looking for a good spot under the stars, he handed me a key, and told me to go check out a room round the back of the store, and to let him know if it could be an option for us. The room (with bathroom and sink etc) was clean and given the fact that a fairly cold wind had picked up, was a welcome option.

When I asked him how much I could pay him - his response to me was that we should simply find acts of chesed (good deeds) to do for others - and that would be sufficient.

Beyond the practical comfort that Sharon and his friends who run Humus Eliyahu provided us (food, shelter etc), the warmth, friendship, chesed and 'ahavat chinam' that they demonstrated was inspiring.

Thank you Sharon and Humus Eliyahu (Meiron).

To all my friends who are planning to travel in the north this summer, pay a visit and tell your friends to also. Ask for Sharon Geula - you will not be disappointed.

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