Jun 21, 2015

Rolly Dickman sings Oren Chazzan Hagadol, in Chazzan's office (video)

this is strange. The Rolly Dickman band, a band of Haredi artists, went to the Knesset to show support for Oren Chazzan, and composed the following song and played it for Chazzan in his office.

I don't know why they felt they need to show support for Oren Chazzan..

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  1. I think most people do not know much about Oren Hazan but most have already made up their minds.
    He's very colourful, has somewhat enlarged glasses that make him look clownish (it's the style these days), and he has a record or running a bar and a casino/hotel/entertainment in eastern Europe. He's only 33 and has done a lot more in his young life than most people do in a lifetime.

  2. And these are supposed to be chareidim? They seem to have lost touch on the reality of the meaning of the word 'chareidi',

  3. They also seem to have lost touch with how to sing on tune.


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