Jun 18, 2015

USA announces woman to be displayed on new ten-dollar bill.

US Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew has announced that the USA will be introducing a new, redesigned, ten-dollar bill. The historic part of the announcement is that the new design will have the bill displaying the face of a woman - the identity of which has not yet been decided. The bill will be introduced into the currency in the year 2020, on the anniversary of the 19th amendment - that gave women the right to vote.

A truly historic announcement.

What is going to happen:
1. they will choose Hillary Clinton perhaps, to be the face of the new ten-dollar bill. Not likely, but it is funny to consider.

2. Jack Lew, an Orthodox Jew, is going to be excommunicated by the Haredi community of the United States of America, for his immodest decision to put a woman's face on the bill. They are planning a campaign to call him and pressure him to rescind his decision.

3. Haredi communities across the USA are working on a ban of the ten-dollar bill. All members, anyone who identifies as Ultra-Orthodox, will be refusing to accept $10 bills from the year 2020 on.

4. They will be also be working on a plan to create an alrternate $10 that any Haredi American wanting to use a $10 bill will have to use in its place. It will feature a blurred out face of the same woman, or alternately a man. The bill will also display a hechsher from a special organization established called the Committee for the Kashrut of Money and Purity of the Camp.

5. Money changers in Haredi neighborhoods and cities in Israel will refuse to convert the new $10 bill.

(do you have any other suggestions of ramifications of this decision?)

Obviously none of the above is going to happen. I am just poking some fun, based on what happens nowadays in Israeli Haredi towns and neighborhoods, or those with a significant Haredi presence, at the mere thought of a woman's image being in print.

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  1. What do the Charedim in England do - IINM, ALL of their money has a picture of a woman on it!

  2. Clever and funny. But don't worry. According to the Wall Street Journal, "Mr. Hamilton will remain on the bill in a diminished way.". Whew!

  3. Any product that would have sold for $10 will now automatically have its price doubled to $20 to alleviate the issue entirely!


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