Jun 16, 2015

possible new punishment for texting while driving

There have been way too many accidents caused by people using their phones while driving. Not necessarily to talk, but to send text messages, email, Facebook, Whatsapp and whatever else..

Fines, campaigns, images and knowledge of accidents and tragedies.. so far nothing seems to have helped curb the phenomenon.

The police are looking at new approaches that they hope will work better.

According to The Marker, the police are of the opinion that the punishment must be more serious, thereby creating a more serious level of deterrence. They are looking at the possibility of confiscating the phones of offenders.

I don't know if they are allowed to decide such a thing on their own, or if such a decision needs to pass through the Knesset, the Attorney General or some other process..

What do you think? Would knowledge of the possibility of your phone getting confiscated stop you from taking the risk?

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  1. It has to be something which can be proven, and cannot be hidden. Even if someone is in an accident and you check their phone records, the texting could have been by the passenger and not the driver.

    Though I agree this is a serious issue and it would be great if it can be addressed.

    1. It's trivial to limit (at first) to drivers who are alone in the car.

  2. Confiscate the phone, good idea.

  3. Confiscate the phone? Big deal. Confiscate the car!!!


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