Feb 14, 2016

Net Source is back on the table

It looks like the women of Net Source called the owners bluff.

To remind you, their was a labor dispute between Net Source, a company that was supposedly opened in order to provide jobs for Haredi women and was not profitable - actually the owner claimed to be operating at a loss -and between the employees who wanted to unionize and fight for better work arrangements (i.e. more money).

Without understanding all the details, they seem to have come to some agreement about working out an arrangement, after the Labor Union threatened to sue Net Source.
source: Kooker

I have no idea if this will work out, but I would be surprised to hear they are really operating at a loss but still willing to put up with all this and keep operating while knowing that they'll probably have to allow the women to unionize, or at least improve their terms of employment.

It looks like the women called their bluff. Good for them, and I still hope it does not backfire on them, though it looks like they are out of the woods..

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