Feb 23, 2016

Quote of the Day

We will not give a prize to the Reform and leave the coalition..

  -- MK Yisroel Eichler

they are upset about a lot of things Reform right now; the Kotel deal, the mikveh decision, and now the meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and a group of Reform rabbis. Leavign the coalition over this would be giving the Reform a gift, a prize, and I guess Eichler feels they have already given the Reform enough prizes and they do not deserve any more.

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1 comment:

  1. It's incredible how analysts, professional and not, are still stuck in old mindsets, like 20 years ago. In this case, if someone in the coalition does something frustrating, the MKs are asked about leaving the government, as if people are as one dimensional as in the past. We learnt from the last Knesset that it took two years of blood to boil before Lapid and Bennet caused Netanyahu to call new elections.


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