Feb 24, 2016

the real shmura matza guy is back and willing to pay

Last year there was a report about the owner of a matza factory that ordered all his employees to get rid of their non-kosher cellphones, upon threat of a salary cut or even the possibility of being fired.

The guy is back now, as matza season gets into gear, and he is being proactive.

According to Kikar, the owner of the matza factory has announced that he will fire any employee who is found with a non-kosher cellphone, and he will pay the expected fine of 100,000nis for doing so.

On the first hand, his willingness to drop 100k just like that gives you an indication how much money the matza business must bring in...

On the second hand, good for him for standing to his principles, illegal as they may be, and being willing to put his money where his mouth is. People can break the law all they want, but they shouldn't complain if and when they are caught - this fellow is willing to pay the price if he is caught, so good for him..

On the third hand, I wish they would state which matza company this was so people would know which matza to buy (or not) that would be considered so holy and that remained uncontaminated by the cellphone...

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  1. Are you sure that what he is doing is illegal?

  2. "matzos mehudaros" http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/390249/taking-the-ban-against-non-kosher-phones-to-a-new-level-at-a-matzah-bakery.html


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