Feb 28, 2016

taking a life of its own

Seeing the news the past couple of days and the discussion about the Reform and Netanyahu and the Haredi parties, it seems to me that this issue has taken a life of its own and won't just go away quietly as per the normal news cycle.

The Haredi MKs have been mostly quiet, except for Eichler and even he has been tamer than usual [for him].

But, the Haredi newspapers and journalists have been writing scathing editorials and they are pushing the MKs and the rabbinic councils" into corners. The hassidic council already met and leveled some sort of threat against Netanyahu, and the rhetoric is continuing to pick up steam.

I suspect that unless Netanyahu figures out quickly how to put this to rest, this will get out of control and the MKs will be forced to take a move they did not want to take, with strong implications, for good or for bad.

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