Feb 21, 2016

Geerz Video (video)

great group of people, great organization

Mountain Biking is an untapped, underrated, drug-free method to jump-start empower, and repair the mind and body. Teachers are overwhelmed. Parents are frustrated. Even kids know there must be more to life than shuffling between school and their digital screens. Geerz teaches Israeli kids empowerment — without medication, without critique, without humiliation. We demonstrate every day that learning to mountain bike boosts a child’s self-esteem with a healthy, constructive release and the realization that he or she has the power to create a path to confidence and achievement.

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  1. This is probably not the forum for the questions, but do they have this for adults too? I can ride, but not with confidence. I don't want a riding group, I want to be taught as if I was a kid.

  2. I have no idea, but if they dont I am sure they would be open to it.

    I will try to point this post to them and see if they can answer for themselves


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