Feb 23, 2016

make a baby and possibly celebrate life events for free

A Jerusalem hotel is celebrating the leap year in an unusual way...

Hotel Yehuda in Jerusalem has put out an offer for February 29. Basically, if you are one of the first two couple to come to their hotel and rent a room and "make a baby" in that room on that date, that child will get all future life events for free at that hotel. Free bris ceremony (and free kiddush for a girl?), free bar or bat mitzvah, and free wedding.
source: Jpost

I do wonder, considering we are in Israel, the Jewish State, and in Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish State, if they will be making the same offer for the Jewish leap year that is coming up soon - during the entire month of Adar II....

Obviously qualification for the prize will be dependent on a lot of legalities and conditions. I hope there will also be some sort of protection (pun intended) for the couples who win the prize. Let's say they do this and in 3 years the hotel sells out to a different owner - will the new owner be obligated to honor the original commitment? What if they shut down?

Anyways, it sounds like a good game of roulette, and at worst it might just be a lot of fun trying to get the prize.

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