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Dec 28, 2016

Jewish NYPD chaplain becomes highest ranking ever

A New York Police Department Chaplain was just promoted to 3-star chief. This is the highest position ever attained by a chaplain in the NYPD. Rabbi Alvin Kass is the honored chaplain.

the Jewish Voice NY mentions that Rabbi Kass once defused a hostage situation with pastrami sandwiches. Maybe he can figure out how to solve the conflict in the Middle East in a similar fashion..

After Friday’s ceremony, Kass told reporters about how he was called to the scene of a Midtown office building in 1981, to address a suspect armed with a gun who had relayed to police that he was Jewish.
A woman was being held hostage by the suspect after she rejected him.
Kass said to reporters, “I spent the whole night trying to talk him out of what he was doing, and I totally failed.”
By the time sunrise came around, the hostage-holder was rather hungry.
The Post reports, “But when the detectives brought back two pastrami sandwiches, they weren’t kosher, so Kass couldn’t indulge — but the suspect could. After miraculously trading a sandwich for the man’s gun, cops learned the suspect had another firearm. So Kass worked his magic again.”
The rabbi explained, “He was willing to give up his other gun, I gave him the other pastrami sandwich, and that ended it.”

this might have been the most Jewish resolution to a hostage situation ever in the history of mankind

mazel tov!

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