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Dec 13, 2016

Headline of the Day

Conway: Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem 'big priority' for Trump

  -- Politico

It was thought that Trump would quickly backtrack from his campaign promise of moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as US Presidents have done before, and as he is already seemingly doing with some of his other campaign promises... Yet Kellyanne Conway has spoken up yesterday to affirm that this is still on the agenda...

I do wonder what is going to happen on the Israeli side of this. Will our right wing government accept it and allow it to happen, as a right wing government should, or will they oppose it?

Further, will this have any effect on the status of US passports and birth certificates issued stating Jerusalem without being followed by the name of the State - , Israel... or will this just be the Embassy?

I am not sure what I porefer, if I had a choice. Move the embassy to Jerusalem or start referring to Jerusalem as Jerusalem, Israel? I don't know, if it were one or the other. Hopefully they will go together...

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  1. Moshe Feiglin wrote this right after the U.S. elections:

    "Read the transcript of this not-so-imaginary phone call:

    (Trump): Hi, Bibi, it's Donald.
    (Netanyahu): Hi Donald, congratulations, friend., I am so happy that you were elected!
    (Trump): Yes, it's good that we got rid of all those rotten people. OK Bibi, let's get down to business. Do you have a good location in Jerusalem for our embassy?
    (Netanyahu): Ummm…Look Donald, let's talk about that when we meet…There are all sorts of considerations that you must understand…Ummm…

    It will not take Trump long to understand who he is dealing with. In business, time is money and one doesn't waste it on people who cannot make decisions."

    The full article is at


  2. The first Israeli news story I've seen speculating on specifics reported that the building under consideration, the Diplomat Hotel, is currently used to house about 500 elder citizens. Moving them out into suitable accommodations is a bit of a problem that would slow things down.

  3. #2 Israel does not have a good record of relocating citizens who banished from their homes.
    Can't imagine where these elderly residents would be moved to....


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