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Dec 12, 2016

Proposed Law: Epinephrine in schools and restaurants

MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) has proposed his first law proposal.

Glick wants to obligate all food establishments (restaurants and the like), schools, and day care centers to keep a dose of Epinephrine on the premises at all times.  Having it nearby and ready will prevent death in cases of allergic reactions to food served.

The proposal passed through the Ministerial Legislative Committee, and will head to the Knesset for further voting.
source: Srugim

I would have thought that in today's day and age of peanut allergies being so common and serious this would have already been the law...

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  1. I would think it would be the responsibility of those with allergies to carry the drugs they need with them.

    1. often people dont know they have these allergies until the first time they experience them..
      just last week some "famous" chef in Jerusalem nearly died after having an allergic reaction to something eaten

    2. That would be a pretty rare ocurrance. An epi-pen in the US is about $500 with a short shelf life, cheaper epinephrine is in syringes and requires some know how to administer. A diagnosis will have to be made on the spot that it is an allergic reaction. Best to call MDA or Hatzala.

  2. Today's insanity: Legislating new 'rules and regulations' basically taking away normal thinking and freedoms.


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