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Dec 19, 2016

Yariv Oppenheimer & Ari Fuld debate the Amona agreement (video)

Yariv Oppenheimer, Board Member and Former Director of Peace Now and Ari Fuld, Assistant Director of Standing Together; Israel Advocate speaking at ILTV studio to discuss the deal in regards to the evacuation of the Amona settlement. 

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  1. All I could say that for that self-hating piece of dirt's sake, it is lucky for him that it was my brother sitting across from him and not me!

    1. Better to be self-hating than to support theft. It's a shame you're a human, never mind a Jew.

      Also, only idiots use the term "self-hating". Even if one were to believe that he actually hates other Jews, he doesn't hate himself. And only idiots believe that someone hates Jews just because they have a different opinion about something.


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