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Dec 19, 2016

Proposed Law: Arabic on public transportation

MK Tmar Zandberg (Meretz) has proposed a new law that would require public transportation to make announcements in Arabic. Municipalities will also be required by this law to hang signs, digital and regular signs, in Arabic along the public transportation routes.

The proposal is coming as a result of a recent incident in Beer Sheva in which residents complained about an announcement that had been made in Arabic on a bus, leading to the removal of that language from the system.
source: Channel 20 News

From Wikipedia I gather that there is no law in Israel defining the official languages of Israel, but the law leftover from the British Mandate has English, Hebrew and Arabic. That does not require everything to be done in all three languages, as it is not Israeli law, and attempts to turn it into Israeli law have to date failed.

I would think Zandberg should also include Hebrew and English in her law as well, otherwise the only law in Israel would be that requiring announcements to be made, and signs to be displayed, in Arabic. And once we are talking about these languages, maybe also Russian and Amharic, and French and maybe a few others...

I do think it makes sense that in areas in which a significant number (that would need to be defined) of users of public transportation are Arabs Arabic would be included in the announcements.

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1 comment:

  1. Throughout Israel (including Arab villages) - official signs should be posted & announced in Ivrit & Arabic.


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