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Dec 12, 2016

no sufganiyot this Chanukah

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman has been putting forth great effort to change people's eating habits to encourage them to eat healthier and thus to live healthier lives.

Previously he has made efforts to push healthier foods served in the schools from a young age. Then Litzman spoke out against the fast food culture that is very unhealthy, and specifically targeted McDonald's...

And now Litzman is going for the jugular. He wants to take away our jelly filled donuts (a.k.a. sufganiyot) that we eat on Chanukah! How dare he!!??!! Just kidding - I don't like them all that much anyway and eat as little as I can get away with,so he isn't hurting me personally with this.. though I do like some of the better donuts - custard filled (Boston Cream), or some of the Roladin donuts...

Litzman called on the public to refrain from eating sufganiyot filled with oil and fats. Litzman said we can find alternatives to anything today and there is no need to stuff our kids with sufganiyot that do not meet our health values and proper diet.
sources: Behadrei and Kikar 

we are still waiting to hear him speak out against some of the traditional foods that are unhealthy and high in calories or fats such as burekas, cholent, gala (ptcha) and others.. though sufganiyot is pretty traditional. In my opinion he can also fight against the crembo.

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  1. I wonder if he has ever taken a walk down the cereal aisle at a grocery store.

  2. How can a frumme man think of taking away one of the delights of such an important and happy Yom Tov as Chanukah? People aren't that stupid - don't control what they eat and better still, make sure NO treife food is ever sold or found in Eretz Hakodesh!

  3. I'm curious what would've been the chareidi response if this was proposed by a chiloni minister.

  4. How ridiculous! This ridiculous suggestion will not stop the people from eating sufganiyot or anything they like, especially for a chag - Chanukah is one of the happiest and it's a mitzvah to enjoy the latkes and the donuts.


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