Jun 8, 2021

better to eat pork...

In light of the Pride Parade in Jerusalem this past week, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rav Shlomo Amar spoke about the issue in a recent shiur. And he spoke about it harshly.

Often, after such harsh speeches, people feign shock and surprise, leading to anger, about what these rabbis say. My approach is that I don't expect most Orthodox rabbis - especially (but not just) Haredi rabbis -  to say anything different, definitely not anything positive on these types of issues, so I do not see why people get shocked or surprised by these things. What else are they going to say? They take a hard line stance, based on the Torah, and are unwilling to tone down their position just to make people happy. they think they are fighting God's battles and that this is what is demanded of them. At best they can remain quiet on the topic, but many don't want to or can't.

In light of that introduction, Rav Amar spoke about how they should be embarrassed about this , not take pride in being homosexual, with some pretty harsh things that you can see on Kipa and I don't want to write here. He especially criticized religious people who support or identify with the LGBTQ community saying they should remove the kipa from their head and it would be better to publicly eat pork before doing this (I assume he means an actual homosexual act, not just expressing support for human rights for homosexuals). Rav Amar said there is no sin worse than this one - it is the 50th level of impurity.

Right or wrong, I would not expect him to say anything different (other than maybe how harshly he worded it), if he already feels the need to speak up about it.

That being said, wouldn't the pork and homosexuality not be mutually exclusive? Just because you are doing one sin does not mean you should do others. Maybe a person who is caught with two strong desires, one to eat pork and the other to have a homosexual relationship, at the exact same moment, maybe he should choose to eat pork - but homosexuals are allowed to just go eat pork because it isn't as bad as something else they do?

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  1. He's obviously just explaining the severity of the sin to people - showing that it's much worse than eating חזיר. (One gets מלקות while the other gets כרת - or worse if there are witnesses.)

    And the act itself is worse enough as such an act makes someone a מומר לתאבון, but identifying with the group that does these acts and shows how "proud" they are about it by marching with them shows that such a person is a מומר להכעיס, which is thousands of times worse.

    It is worth seeing how the Maharal treats the subject of same-gender "marriage" to see where Rav Amar Shlit"a is coming from.

  2. To add to the excellent response (comment) made by Yaak, there's another thing to all this; people seem to forget that a Rabbi's position is to teach and rebuke; he's not there to approve the insanities of the world or what governments tell him to say. This proves what a true rabbi, Rabbi Amar must be. Yasher koach to him for having the courage to say and rebuke what must be said and emphasized in this sinful and twisted era, as was prophecized by our holy Sages and Prophets, before the coming of Moshiach.


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