Jun 1, 2021

Quote of the Day

I hear Gafni warning about the danger to the Torah world of the upcoming new government, and I want to ask him and Shas: why do you not come to Netanyahu with a clear statement that 'we will not sacrifice the Torah world for you - go home and let us establish a full right wing government with the Haredi parties, with 65 mandates'.. is Netanyahu more important than the Torah??
If Netanyahu would succeed [in forming a government], fine - but is clear he has not succeeded. Now it is the last moment. Get up and tell him that we tried everything... you've lost all your political senses and desire for existence and are sacrificing large parts of the Torah world for Netanyahu

  -- former MK Chaim Ramon

Ramon has recently started sounding like a right wing, and even religious, politician. When he was in politics he was left wing. 

Not specifically to Chaim Ramon, but with all the calls to tell Netanyahu to give it up and go home and let someone else from the Likud form a government - why does anyone think Netanyahu would listen, just because the Haredi parties call on him to do so? He will continue to say, I was elected by Likud members to lead the party, don't tell us how to run our party, don't tell us who can lead our party and who cannot.

The Haredi parties should perhaps not have tied themselves to whatever Netanyahu decides, but that's another discussion. They are no better than anybody else regarding telling Netanyahu to go home.

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