Jun 9, 2021

hysterical attacks

I understand why people are angry at Naftali Bennett, and at the government he and Lapid are forming. 

I especially understand why some Yamina voters feel betrayed and are very angry, as Bennett broke a significant campaign promise.

I understand why the Likud is angry - losing power and jobs they have held for a long time, unsure of the direction the new government might take and possibly changing it from the direction the Likud has been leading it in for a long time.

I understand why the Haredi parties are angry - losing access to control, to jobs and to influence that has helped them preserve their desired way of life. Unsure of what this new government might do, possibly slashing budgets that until now have been earmarked for Haredi institutions, especially yeshivas and kollels...

I dont understand why the Haredi parties are acting as if the world is coming to an end. They are hysterical with anger. I get they are frustrated and angry, but they have really gone crazy. On the one hand it seems like they are the most Zionist people ever, worried about defending the policies of the Right on the Land of Israel and attacking Bennett for already betraying that, so perhaps it is further indication that the Haredi parties are no longer "non-zionist" (or possibly anti-zionist) but have moved into the realm of being Zionists. 

Nothing has even happened yet, the government has not yet been sworn in let alone even one policy item been suggested or passed and they are acting and screaming that this is the worst government in history and most anti-Jewish. Rav Mordechai Neugershal, a Haredi spokesperson and rabbi, even said that we must sit shiva for this government being formed. Litzman called Bennett a chilul hashem and a "Reformi", Gafni has been out of his mind and out of control saying things like he is a rasha and other nasty things.

Gafni has even implored the Haredi journalists form the various papers and news outlets to not cooperate with the new government and to not cover them. Many Haredi journalists have responded negatively to this request/demand. It is a harsh request - how can a news media outlet not report on the government, not interview members of government and not take press releases?

I get that they are angry, but this reaction is too harsh - especially because nothing has happened yet. Give them a chance - it is not like you have a choice anyway. Say they are bad, if you must, and won't join them, but calm down and see what they actually do or don't do before going crazy. 

Unless maybe the going crazy now is their way of saying don't mess with us, don't touch our budgets, don't hurt what is really important to us, etc. and the attacks are just to scare them off.

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  1. Hyperbole and over-the-top rhetoric from the Charedi community? Wow, that's a shocker

  2. When the meaning of the votes have been stolen because those voting were sure that their votes counted as was meant to be a right wing gvt; that's a form of theft. So, it's not surprising for many reasons why they are so upset. They should be!

    1. as I said, I understand why some Yamina voters are upset. They can claim their votes were "stolen", they can legitimately feel that way. The haredi votes were not stolen. They can be frustrated, and disappointed, and even upset as to how things turned out, but they have gotten hysterical.


  3. Ramban on Devarim 27:26

    One who shirks the obligation to uphold everyone’s Judaism (as much as possible) is “Arur”

    "And in the end without public transportation secular Israelis will be mechalel Shabbat anyway. In ways that are probably a lot worse than riding a bus or watching public entertainment"

    Cop out
    even secularists of all Stripes it's obvious the difference between national observance Vs individuals non-observance

  4. שֶׁלִּי שֶׁלִּי וְשֶׁלְּךָ שֶׁלְּךָ is Midas Sodom for רוחניות also
    conflated selfish Western libertarianism

    How could one compare individual communities with a collective in our Holy Land
    that the whole world and Jews of every level of observance turn to as a lodestar and revolve around the atmosphere of Israel

    And for the record when we pushed a tad better level of observance governmentally such as during the 80s the country started becoming more observant collectively

  5. Should be sitting shiva for previous government. Not for upcoming government.
    Maybe they should have been more flexible, like all other parties are? Naahh

  6. More of the same continuous libel from blogs of this ilk

    The hareidi parties, chose to remain with Netanyahu and Likud in spite of the fact that they were given numerous opportunities to abandon them for the
    past decade-and-a-half and would have gotten much better deal in subsidies money and governmental positions . The previous can't be shunted aside even with all the lapses and misdeeds eg Failing to protest the appointment of ohana as minister

    The basis they turned alternative options down was because enough believed that Incumbent upon them despite it all Was ​to remain with the traditional Public for the sake of the nation of Israel in the land of land of Israel


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