Jun 2, 2021

Rav Gamliel says not to blame the women!

After the Meron tragedy we heard a lot of pontificating of what we must repair as part of our communal soul searching... Some of the more vocal opinions have been, as is common, the women and tzniyus, even specifically "lace top sheitels".

Well, Rav Gamliel Rabinovitz, a noted mekubal from Jerusalem, says otherwise. he actually says not to blame the women.

According to Kikar, Rav Gamliel said that the fact that the fact that only men were killed and injured in the recent tragedies that hit the community, Meron and Karlin in Givat Zeev, shows that the reason behind the tragedy was our involvement in machloket, and women were not affected because they don't generally get involved in machloket.

Rav Gamliel also pointed to Corona and said women were hardly affected in Corona as well - mostly men suffered (is that true statistically? I have no idea).

We have to look at our actions and deeds, do soul searching, and see the machloket we get involved in, and they are all run by men. Women are hardly involved, if at all, and that is why they avoided these issues.

Rav Gamliel stressed that the tragedies were not because of that, but machloket causes fire to rage in the community.

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  1. StatsconsciousJune 03, 2021 9:19 AM

    Regarding COVID, in Israel the number of cases was almost evenly divided between male and female (50.5% female, 49.5% male). See https://datadashboard.health.gov.il/COVID-19/general. I've heard that men are more likely to have serious cases, though.


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