Jun 17, 2021

President to be sworn in early

We never did anything major during the "Nine Days", and generally not even during the "Three Weeks". Not major purchases, not trips or major events. It was always considered something that would bring "bad luck" of sorts. I remember when someone close to the family bought a car during the Three Weeks - family members pleaded with her to wait, but she bought the car. That car was in a number of accidents, besides for often breaking down. While it might have just been a lousy car and she a lousy driver, family members always blamed it her having bought it during the Three Weeks.

President-elect Yitzchak Herzog was set to be sworn into office on July 7, 2021, and while that is deep into the Three Weeks, it was actually scheduled for the following Wednesday, but that is during the Nine Days. Both President Rivlin and President-elect Herzog agreed and requested that the date be pushed up to avoid such a major move during the Nine Days.
source: Behadrei

While it is still during the Three Weeks, here in Israel, perhaps because of the dominant Sefardic influence, the Nine Days is considered much more significant and the Three Weeks is more "regular".

Both Rivlin and Herzog are traditional Jews, sensitive and connected to their Judaism. It is refreshing that this request came from them, and it was [seemingly] easily worked out, rather than something that had to be fought over or not even done or noticed and then snickered about.

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  1. Doesn't that depend on whether you view being sworn in as president as a simchah? If you view it as a major headache, then you should do it on Tisha B'Av.

  2. I would expect that for him it is a simcha, whether it is or not for us.... or else he likely would not have run for the position.
    regardless though, it is a majorly significant event and new position


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