Jan 13, 2022

pleas and protests

Today people are protesting on both sides, against both sides.

The news is reporting on the consideration of a plea bargain in the Netanyahu cases that are currently in court. Supposedly there is some offer on the table and the two sides are considering it. 

Netanyahu's supporters, or at least many of them, don't want him to sign it and are protesting the possibility. They want him to stay in court and prove his innocence. 

Netanyahu's opponents, or many of them, don't want him to be offered a deal and want him to go through the lengthy court process and be found guilty and sit for many years in jail. They are protesting that a deal was [supposedly] offered and want it pulled and taken off the table.

While I wont offer Netanyahu or the prosecution any advice as to what should be in such a deal and at what point they can come to an agreement and sign, I see nothing wrong with coming to an agreement and getting this case out of the courts. Plea arrangements are common and Netanyahu, and the Prosecution,  has as much a right to making such an arrangement as does any other person in this situation.

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