Jan 18, 2022

Proposed Law: Term Limits for Judges

MK Betzalel Smotritch (Hatzionut Hadatit) has proposed a law to limit the term of Supreme Court justices.

the law has always been that Supreme Court justices have a lifetime term. They retire when they feel like it, if they feel like it, but never get forced out by age or by length of service. Smotritch is proposing that Minister Gideon Saar's proposal to limit the term of a Prime Minister should apply equally to Supreme Court justices, for the same reasoning. Saar's proposal to limit PM terms was based on the idea that too much power for too long corrupts. A Prime Minister in place for too long has too much power for too long. Smotritch suggests that the same problem applies equally to Supreme Court justices and with them the people never have the ability to replace them, unlike with the Prime Minister. To that end, their terms should be limited with the same parameters as those being set for the PM limits.

From what I read this has no chance of passing because it is an amendment to a Basic Law and that requires unanimous approval of the Coalition. This is basically an impossibility. Even if some parties in the Coalition would agree to it.

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  1. Actually, Supreme Court justices have a mandatory retirement age of 70.


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