Jan 19, 2022

Sexual molesters on alert!

An "Admor", around 70 years old, was recently arrested in Bet Shemesh (just announced in the news) for child abuse and sexual molestation of minors. Details of his identity are not yet available to the public as there is currently a gag order on it. 

From what I hear, the only thing new about this is that he was arrested but he has been bouncing around from Haredi community to Haredi community for a few decades already with rumors and allegations about him all along.

After the Chaim Walder case came to light there was a lot of talk if the Haredi community will change. That seems to be the discussion any time anything monumental happens to society, such as elections, such as Corona, etc.

I dont know about sweeping changes to the way Haredi lifestyle is but I do know, and it seems clear, that the younger generation has turned a corner at least on this issue and will no longer continue just sweeping it under the rug. people are speaking up. The tipping point on sexual molestation has been reached. This genie won't be put back into the bottle. All molesters or potential molesters should be aware of that - the people wont be easily silenced any longer. You likely wont get away with it the way you used to.

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