Jan 16, 2022

supporting the Netanyahus

Many "on the right" are upset with Netanyahu seemingly ready to sign the plea deal on offer (maybe some details still need to be worked out, plus while it looks like he is going to agree, no official agreement has yet been reached). People are very loudly thinking that Netanyahu should refuse the agreement, and prove his innocence in court. He might or might not be able to do that even in the best of circumstances, but his followers believe he is innocent without even the slightest doubt.

With the news of the plea deal seemingly a done deal being announced, Yinon Magal created a crowdfunding page in Givechak for Netanyahu's court case. People are donating lots of money and the numbers are flying. I saw it earlier and checked now and it is up to nearly 840,000nis, with the numbers constantly jumping with both large and small donations

Besides for the irony of many people who probably don't have much money themselves (among many who do) and regularly complaining about the economic situation - don't forget, Netanyahu's supporters are considered to be "second Israel', the lower socio-economic rung of society,  donating to support the court case of one of the richest people in Israel, I am not even sure what they are donating for.

Had the donations poured in a few months ago, I would get it. The case will cost the Netanyahus a lot of money and his supporters want to help out. If he does not sign the plea deal and decides to fight in court, having a crowdfunding campaign in a few weeks - I get it. But right now? as it looks like he is abut to sign the deal? What are they raising the money for right now when it looks like there very well might not be a court case? 

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