Jan 6, 2022

pre-shidduch solutions for the hefty seminary girl

This is an amazing ad! (seen online, don't know the original source)

First of all, those legs! Va Va VOOM!!!
but really, it is a cute depiction, a creative way to accomplish the appearance of women's legs without actually showing women's legs.

The fat shaming and body focus is a bit harsh. There is nothing wrong with working out, fitness, and being healthy, but the focus here is slimming down to find a good shidduch, not workout to be healthy.

I like the bottom note - attractive group rates. Isnt the point of this so they will become attractive but right now these groups of young women are not attractive, growing in all the wrong ways, which is why they should work out?

Just a weird ad

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  1. I understand that there has been a follow up. This was passed on from a chat I belong to:

    Thank you for reaching out. We hear your concerns about the ad and fully understand them. This ad should not have been printed, and will not appear again in the magazine.

    (Editor of family first)

  2. Interesting IIUC the shidduch world in practice is not as accepting of the concept that size doesn't matter as corporate America is.


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