Oct 2, 2008

My high points from Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is now behind us. Many hours spent in shul, with invariably, some high points and some low points.

Here are my top three high points of the davening:

3. Kee K'shimcha - this is sung with a haunting tune and points out and reminds us of the frailty and fragility of our lives and of our existence. This is especially powerful juxtaposed by the next tefilla "Ayn Kitzva" which is sung with a hippy and skippy tune pointing out the the awesomeness and infiniteness of God and demanding (?) that He act (in forgiving us?) for His own sake.

2. B'Rosh Hashana Yi'Kaseivun - this tefilla is powerful for me in the sense that it invokes the realization that the judgement we are facing is not just a simple you will live or you will die, but there are so many choices and options and different ways to how we can be judged.

and what I considered my top point in davening - the tefilla that really got to me...
1. Areshet S'Faseinu - each time after we blow the shofar during the repetition we said this tefilla. It is not enough that we blow the shofar and arouse the remembrance of the akeida, that we wake ourselves up to do teshiva, and all the other symolic meanings of the shofar. Not just that, but we then say a short tefilla, with a powerful tune, asking that Hashem actually listen to our tefillos, as He listens to the shofar, and accept them with mercy.
What were your high points?


  1. My high point was when I explained to my son "melech elyon" as opposed to "melech evyon".

    He answered me with one word: Olmert.

  2. The baal tefilah who davenned so beautifully ( and the kehillah who sang with him) so that when I went to leave during musaf to check on lunch, I had to stay a bit longer till he had finished "chamol al maasecha."

    And, of course, my 3 year old singing "Dip the apple in the honey."

  3. I came just in the for shofar both days so I missed the shachris part. But by Mussaf in my shul they had a lot of singing by all the different parts and it made it so much more enjoyable. I was wondering if in all shul's they sing a lot? or perhaps only because the Rav of my shul is Chassidish so they do that?

    I also noticed that part about all the different ways people can get judged, I paid more attention to it because of that video going around. Although I never watched the whole thing.

    I actually had once made my own video on it, a shortened version, very silly, but it triggered my memory and made me able to visualize it.

    That's an amazing point about the shofar and areshet sefaseinu, the part that stuck out by me, was how it was asking from 2 sides, as a son and a eved.

  4. Mrs. Belogski - we forgot to sing the dip the apple song this year! I can't believe it!

    babysitter - I think most shuls sing on Rh and YK. How else can we stretch the davening so many hours without singing??!!

    sons/slaves is also always a high point as well, and the tune is really nice, but ti got pushed down a bit this year. If I was doing the top five I would have included it...

  5. B"H

    Taking only three and half hours, leyning parts of the Aqedah in special ta'amei hamiqra for yamim ha'noraim {Ashkinazy} which I've been doing since '94, having the best of both worlds walking back and forth between Meah Shaarim and Givath Shaul.


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