Oct 22, 2009

Arab terror threat or something else? (video)

I don't know if this was an issue of terror, and there is very little information out there available to the public on what actually happened, but it is very strange.

A halal slaughterhouse in a town near Chicago was raided by the FBI. They think it was not just an immigration issue, because over 100 agents took part in the raid, which they say is highly unusual for immigration issues. It sounds like they suspected a terror threat, and the Arabs of Chicago have been known to be supportive of Hamas and terror - a number of years ago they shut down a bakery in Chicago that was a front for raising money to support Hamas terror.

Approximately 100 armed federal agents, backed by a helicopter, 50 vehicles and sharpshooters, raided a Muslim meat packing plant earlier this week but remain silent about the secret operation. Only half a dozen people work at the plant.

No one was arrested, but one eyewitness said the huge police force indicates that the raid may involve criminal activity other than hiring illegal immigrants. Terror-related activity has not been ruled out, but officials have refused all comment on the case.

Looking around for more info only brought me more or less the same sparse info on a couple of other websites, including VIN which also had a video of a news report reporting on it.

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