Oct 22, 2009

Burqa Babe complains about her prison conditions..

She showers with her clothes on and then she complains that her cell reeks?
The woman, who is being held in seclusion, for fear other inmates may harm her, claims she is being held in a tiny cell with no ventilation and that the cell walls reek. She also claims that she is forced to wash her own clothes, since the prison will not provide her with the service...
Her secluded inmate status, added the attorney, also resulted in her being deprived of many of the basic rights given to inmates at the Neve Tirza Prison, such as visitation and having personal belongings.
Her beliefs also dictate that she wear multiple layers of clothing, shower with her clothes on, fast and refrain from any speech. The petition argued that prison authorities were ill-equipped to handle her complex situation.
the prison authorities were ill-equipped to handle her complex situation? Who wouldn't be?

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