Oct 15, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

Those who are creating the atmosphere of opposing the eviction of the [children of illegal employees], are the same people who control the Israeli media that want the State of Israel to not be a Jewish State, they have no problem with the idea that there would be hundreds of thousands of non_jews assimilating with us, God forbis. From their point of view, the State of Israel is not a Jewish state. Just like the USA has immigrants, it is not a big deal that we should also here have immigrants from all the nations...
Half the children in Israel are starving [due to poverty], we cut the child allocations and do everything to suppress the Jewish spirit. Suddenly, when we are talking about non-Jewish children, they suddenly become so merciful and the Jewish spark in them ignites. Those same groups of people who work for the rights of the children of the illegal foreign workers will never donate even half a shekel to a sick Jewish child, because their truth is to turn the Jews into goyim.

----- Former MK Rav Yisrael Eichler


  1. 1.Are half the children in Israel starving?
    2. Cutting child allowances has affected the non-Jewish birthrate much more than the Jewish one.

  2. Please Rafi spare us the demagoguery of Tommy Eichler. He should rather fight the interest groups who bring the cheap labor from abroad in the first place in order to make millions, and then throw the workers away when they don't need them.
    Let haredi institutions themselves stop employing foreign workers.

  3. bohr - I left that part of the quote out, as it had already gotten too long. He did discuss the issue of how people treat foreign workers. I didnt see anything about him calling on the haredi orgs to not hire foreign workers though.

  4. How come he didn't raise the issue that the same people who oppose throwing out the children of foreign workers had no problem throwing Jewish childred (and adults) out of Gush Katif?

    There's no evidence that it's the same group of people (though I suspect that there's a large overlap), but on the other hand, there's no evidence about most of what he said.

  5. Finally someone says it how it is !


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