Oct 6, 2009

The drought isn't really SO bad....

Israel ran what turned out to be a very successful PR campaign over the course of the summer. The campaign was due to the serious water shortfall, and convinced people to conserve water.

Israel is now being sued, for 850000NIS, by the larger grass companies claiming that the campaigns about Israel drying up seriously harmed their business.

They claim that Israel portrayed, in its campaign, images that were far worse than reality, and protrayed what people are allowed to do as far as watering their lawns, as far less than what the law actually allowed.

So, because Israel portrayed an image of not being allowed to water lawns, people stayed away from laying new gardens of grass, thus harming their business.

I can't see the courts awarding these companies any damages in this case. There was a national need to conserve water at serious levels. They should be sued by Israel for encouraging people to lay lawns and water grass in a country that has had such serious water shortages over the past 10 years (really always, but it has been worse the past 10 years or so)


  1. Yeah, I can't see this going through. Talk about searching for a reason to go to court.

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  3. Must admit we are among the guilty ones...we have a new garden and laid synthetic grass on it because of the price of water and the risk of lawn watering being banned in the future.


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