Oct 11, 2009

They could have killed him!

As I said, they are crazy..

The Bet Shemesh branch of the Eidah community suffered a serious blow on Shabbos-Yom Tov when their leader and rav, Rav Rosenberger, collapsed during the hakafot. It seems he had a serious stroke and was in critical condition for a while (it seems his situation has stabilized).

The MDA team came to resuscitate him and take him to the hospital for care, and according to this report, his students surrounded the ambulance arguing about which hospital they would let MDA take him to for care. It seems that some students were against his being treated in Hadassah, the preferred hospital of the MDA team, because of the recent tension between the extremists and Hadassah.

Sanity prevailed when Mrs. Rosenberger asked MDA which hospital is best suited to treat his problem. They said Hadassah and she then insisted that that is where he would be treated.

I guess they felt they know better than even the Gaava"d of the Eidah who was also hospitalized last week and chose Hadassah, despite the recent tensions, because of it being the most appropriate for his needs.

That was only the beginning. After getting all that worked out, they still fought with the ambulance team regarding who would accompany Rav Rosenberger to the hospital. MDA rules say only one person, a family member, can accompany the ill in the ambulance. An extra student jumped in and fought with the MDA driver. Eventually they got rid of him and continued on their way, after calling the police, and after the driver himself got injured from a dorr being slammed into him when evicting the student.

All this fighting while their rav is unconscious and in critical condition after collapsing in front of them, causing delays in his receiving treatment. They are lucky they didn't kill him in the process by delaying his receiving the care he needed!


  1. ok Menachem you're right, here they are actually killing themselves out

  2. Calls for a Darwin award.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Shlomo beat me to it. Though the Darwin award is only given to those who actually remove themselves from the gene pool, we may be seeing more of what is known as the "Darwin Effect" among these people. (Other examples are how they allow their kids to "play" on the serugim or allow 4 year olds to cross 2yr olds across busy streets.)

    Another thing that the growing moronic behavior among some of these people shows is that sitting in a Bes Mesresh all day does not necessarily make one very smart.

  5. well, yes. just sitting there (usually in the foyer or outdoors) and smoking and shoting the breeze don't make you much smarter...

  6. http://www.haredim.co.il/ViewArticle.aspx?catID=1&itmID=3909
    You didn't talk about the crazy story about how no one called Mada or Hatzala

  7. I saw that article last night. absolute nutcases


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