Oct 13, 2009

Interesting Posts #86

1. Torat Yisrael reviews his recent trip to Kever Yosef..

2. The Yeshiva Guys have been in the US for the Sukkos holiday, and he presents his list of weird things about being there...

3. Jewcy has info on the latest celeb considering converting to Judaism. Some reality star named Jon Gosselin. I don't know much about him other than that he has 8 kids, so he should fit right into any of the frum neighborhoods.. The Jewcy article has some funny quotes from Gosselin about Judaism...

4. Frozen politics compares Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, to other possible candidates...

5. Double Tapper has fun with Facebook...


  1. frozen politic's piece is simply silly. obama's doing nothing in 12 days does not make him a murderer, someone of genocide. it is a well written article produced by someone who is either very bitter or very immature.

  2. i personally think that the Torah and the bible is a big horse

    crap. that million of people believe in. because all the brain

    wash .
    i personally has a story how in Israel we bought a land {1992}

    in mosav call mazor we paid 20.000$ and they stole the

    money from me this is Israel country of crock and thieves and

    every thing come from the bullshit of the Torah and the crap

    of the bible .
    yes israel is crocked country .
    any good lawyer?


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