Oct 18, 2009

Interesting Posts #88

1. Parshablog has an interesting write-up about whether the Rabbi Yitzchak quoted in the 1st Rashi of Chumash is his father or not, and whether he was an ignoramus or not.

2. Michal's blog raises an interesting question about Ivanka Trump's conversion - whether converts must be held to higher standards than natural Jews.

I think there is definitely something to it, but it is so for people becoming citizens in countries as well. A natural born citizen of a country will almost never need to prove his loyalty and patriotism, while new citizens, and those applying for citizenship, will have to prove their loyalty - they will have to know more, if they are involved in suspicious activities that the country might consider problematic their petition might be denied, etc.

So to start out with, I would say yes. But once they have become Jews and are accepted, than they should be treated like everyone else.

3. Mystical Paths went to visit the Cave of Eliyahu when he was in Haifa...

4. With basketball season getting into gear, Kaplan's Korner updates us on Jew vs. Jew in the NBA pre-season

5. Mazel tov to the Jewish Side of BabySitter who just got engaged...

6. How to be Israeli talks about the chagim, and Acharei Hachagim


  1. Thanks for the Mazel Tov and the link up!

  2. Umm, Rafi, sad to say, but, when is the last time you heard of some country revoking the citizenship of an immigrant years after the fact and shipping them out (and please, Demjanjuk and any other old Nazis, y"s, DO NOT COUNT). But that is exactly what could happen to converts if the current rabbanut gets its way.

  3. Ely - it is not supposed to happen in Judaism either. I think the issue with these guys is that they are like saying the original citizenshhip papers were fraudulently submitted, so they are revoking retroactively. Here too, they are nto saying thi sperson stopped keeping mitzvos and is therefore no longer a jew, but they are saying the person fraudulently filled out the papers - he never intended to keep mitzvos and therefore the original conversion was no good.


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