Oct 1, 2009

hot sukka decorations

The latest in sukka decorations, as spotted in Meah She'arim


  1. Disgusting. Have people no shame?
    I say we get together and demonstrate outside that sukka.

  2. I say these people must be deported - preferably to their friends in Gaza or Iran.

  3. Anonymous: My family and I will join you. As a Jew, I am ashamed that a fellow Jew would so cruelly and cynically misrepresent the Shoah to push his political views.

    Here is a terrifying (though unrelated) statistic that the guide at Yad Vashem shared with us last week: More Jews were murdered during two days at Auschwitz than were killed during all of the wars, pogroms and terrorist attacks in Israel since 1860 through the present day.

  4. Disgusting, and unfortunately perhaps (though hopefully not) typical.

    Tamar, they would tell you that they are referring to the "spiritual" Shoah, not the physical one. And they hold that the spiritual one is the more important one.

  5. Wasn't "The Holocaust" the Holocaust of the Jewish people?

  6. Mark SoFla:
    What is the "spiritual" Shoah? Are we still in it?


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