May 27, 2010

The beach in Jerusalem

That's right. The beach in Jerusalem. I had to rub my eyes twice when I saw the article.

The City of Jerusalem is making a beach. That's right, a beach.

There is a 2 day volleyball tournament in mid-June, and to create the feel, they are creating a beach. They are trucking in 140 cubic meters of sand from the real beach and dumping it in Gan HaPaamon. It does not say anything about bringing in water, and considering our water shortage I cannot imagine such a thing would be acceptable.

Mayor Nir Barkat is quoted as saying, "Jerusalem is becoming the capital of culture and sport in Israel...We will not allow such trivial matters, like not having a beach [get in the way]...

They will not just be setting it up for the volleyball competition, but will be turning it into a full service beach (sans water I assume) with hundreds of beach chairs, umbrellas, and everything else found on a beach, along with the classic beach foods such as igloos, artiks, ice cream, beer, etc.

Sounds like fun. Can't wait for the hafganot to start...


  1. Rafi G - Sounds like fun. Can't wait for the hafganot to start...

    I can't wait for the bikinis! :-)


  2. Will it have the annoying guy with a hairy back going up and down screaming, "Artic, artic, choco, vanill, banana", or the constant and even more irritating tap tapping of the idiots with the bat and ball who form an inpenetrable barrier between the sand and sea with their little black balls whizzing past at 70 miles and hour. I love the Israel beaches.

  3. When is the matkot tourney?

  4. Your 'punchlines' are terrific!


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