May 23, 2010


After what I read in the newspapers about the "separation" in Emannuel, about the way sefardic boys and girls are treated in the schools of the ashkenazim, I ask you, what are you looking for in courtyards that are not yours? You estanblished "el HaMaayan" school system, you established a respectable movement called Shas, you have your own schools. You, the ministers of Shas, should make yourselves examples. Take your children and put them in sefardic schools. Leave the ashkenazim to themselves. What do you need them for? Turn your own schools into elite schools, so that they will want to learn by you and not the other way around...

--- MK Meier Shitreet (to Min. Ariel Attias)


  1. You think the "good" sefardim want to be with the "bad" sefardim, any more than the Ashkenazim do?

    No way. And they are happy to have their ashkenazi brethren keep those who are "not up to par" out of the way.

  2. Earn money from homeMay 23, 2010 10:12 PM

    This is one of the sickest quotes I ever read. Rafi, I hope this is a joke.

  3. Knowing nothing of the situation, I just want to ask, are there no "bad" ashkenazim, or are they just chilonim and that's it?

  4. I agree that the Sephardim need their own school. The blending will happen among those who answer hypocrisy with 'intermarriage', and create their own New School, and from this will come the blended Nation that it should be.

  5. they are happy to have their ashkenazi brethren keep those who are "not up to par" out of the way....

    ...are there no "bad" ashkenazim...?

    I think it means the Ashkenazim are not afraid to make their schools elitist, while the hashkafa of the Sefardim is more inclusive.

    How much do we let our better students be examples to everyone yet risk the negative influence to them, versus how much do we shelter those better students in cream-of-the-crop exclusive environments?

  6. Thats why I put "quotes"

    Get a grip


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