May 31, 2010

I hope they find weapons

I sure as heck hope they find some weapons on the Gaza flotilla, because this was already a PR disaster, and will be much worse unless weapons are found. The details of what happened don't really matter, unless weapons are found. And unless weapons are found, it doesn't matter how right Israel was in our actions, as far as PR goes.

Then again, we are never good at PR, and opinion always goes against us, whether we are acting properly or not, so maybe it doesn't matter. Things will be much better, however, if they find weapons...


  1. The "activits" opened fire on our soldiers. Isn't that weapons enough???

  2. Unfortunately, the "activists only opened fire with weapons stolen from the Israelis.Beore that they were using pipes and rocks. This whole thing is a PR nightmare.

  3. right now I dont know what details are true and what are exaggerated and what are rumors, so I am leaving the details alone for now.

  4. You may have gotten your wish. See the 10:45 AM update.

  5. I dont know if 2 pistols is considered smuggling weapons into Gaza or having an armed boat.. at least not enough to justify a raid.

    The raid is justified for other reasons, they refused inspection, etc. To avoid a PR disaster I dont think 2 pistols will be enough

  6. Serves 'em right. It think it is good PR, you don't mess with Israel!


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