May 31, 2010

Time to slaughter the Turkey

With Turkey calling in the Israeli Ambassador for a scolding, I think Israel should pull its ambassador out of Turkey. And we should call in the Turkish Ambassador for a scolding over how they sent a boat to Gaza in a provocative fashion.

Israel has suffered enough humiliation at the hands of our friends the Turks. They get insulted and make a big deal over every little thing Israel says, but they feel free to provoke Israel without worrying about any response.

Enough is enough.

Time to respond in kind.

Call their ambassador in for a scolding and then pull our ambassador out of Turkey for "consultations" until the situation there calms down (it is very dangerous right now).


  1. The correct diplomatic protocol for what you are suggesting is to expel their diplomat.

  2. I think that is another level, no?

    we call him in for a scolding, like what they are doing right now to Israel's ambassador to Turkey. Along with calling our own back for "consultations" of an undefined period.

    Expelling their ambassador is also possible, but is a higher level of hostility.
    I am all for it though. Erdogan hangs out with Assad and Ahamadinejad and has nothing but criticism for Israel. I dont know why we still consider him a friend.

  3. Yes, I think the time has come to let go of our wish to be friends with people who hate us. Turkey has shown its colors long enough.


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