May 31, 2010

Bibi - Stay in the US

As a result of the Gaza flotilla, Netanyahu is considering cutting short his US trip and missing his meeting with President Obama.

I think that is a bad idea. This is not such a great crisis that demands his on-site management. Just as his relationship with Obama is finally beginning to warm up, it would be wrong to miss the meeting now, even if Obama would understand the urgency of a cancellation. More can be achieved by remaining in the US right now than by returning to deal with what is essentially a PR mess.


  1. Not to cause Machlokes, but it's just kinda funny that right after this post in my Google Reader, I saw Batya's post that said "Bibi, Get Back Home, ASAP!"

  2. thats funny. but she is making it into a serious crisis. I think we are headed to war soon anyway, and this changes nothing and is not such a serious crisis that requires him to chorten his trip.

    There is more to be gained by Netanyahu developing the relationship with Obama and getting some assurances about some very serious issues (the recent nuclear issue is a big one, construction, Iran) than by coming back to deal with a leaky boat..

  3. As a frequent reader of your interesting, insightful, educational and fun blog -- this is my first time as a commentator.

    The Gaza affair is far from only a PR event, it was a military mission with fatalities and injuries. It is the tip of an iceberg and just the beginning of more ludicrous attempt by 'Peace Now' to embarrass Israel and the democratic world. A Prime Minister should be home at this time, explaining to the large majority of 'resident peace sympathizers' what the goals of this mission were? the importance of an embargo around an enemy terror nest? broadcast in every TV channel and newspaper the weapons and arms found aboard the ships. Let Obama worry about satisfying the Jewish vote in America - by extending an olive branch to Bibi, and issue a statement of solidarity with his 'so-called friend in the Middle East'.

  4. thanks for your comment Caren. I understand that, but I ascribe less importance to this event. A statement can be made from overseas and locally ministers can be instructed what to say to the public.

    I feel we have been on the path towards war for a while, and this is not all that great of an event overall. It might bring us a bit closer to war just a bit faster, but overall I think there is more to be gained there than here...


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