May 17, 2010

Rav Cherlo on learning Torah from people of suspect morals

Rav Cherlo issued an interesting psak. He was asked if one could attend a shiur delivered by someone who is suspected of having committed crimes - while he has not yet been convicted and is currently only suspected of the crimes (in the situation described the rav has been indicted for financial crimes and breach of trust but has not yet gone to trial) - His Torah is very good, and he has not yet been found guilty of anything, or maybe for teaching Torah a person should be held to higher standards?

Rav Cherlo's answer is that participating in such a shiur is being a partner to chilul hashem, as if saying that a good shiur of Torah is more important than being moral and ethical. In this situation, where te rav has not been convicted and is only suspected of the crimes, one should not make a public protest against him, but as a personal decision one should decide on his own to not learn from this rav.


  1. On the topic- an audio shiur
    Joel Rich

    Rabbi Hanan Balk -
    "Accept the Truth Regardless of Its Source" : What About Sinners and Heretics?

  2. It seems strange to me to say "His Torah is very good" if you think he is a crook.


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