May 10, 2010

Rav Amsalem on Torah' V'Avoda (video)

Rav Amsalem from Shas seems to always be willing to be the guy who steps up and says what needs to be said... and he does so again in this interview on Israel TV Channel 2's morning show regarding the Torah or Work argument. If you don't understand the Hebrew, you are missing out...


  1. While what he says is outstanding unfortunately he doesn't represent the perspective of the core Chareidi world - those who must work are still looked down upon and the resistance and protest to the new RBS HS is an expression of this. I hope we see the day that the Chareidi world embraces and encourages families to be self sufficient.

  2. Excellent. What he says is not a Hiddush for Sepharadi Hareidim, though. It may take Ashkenazim by surprise, however.

  3. I fail to see how this is a true in the actions of either charedi communities; look at the public statements of these parties and the actions of their constituents and it seems that if anyone learns this anymore none only very few follow it.

  4. Excellent. Nothing new, of course; but that is why he is right on. Truly returning the crown to its glory.

    MInd you, I disagree with an important nuance in his words. I don't think a secular education is *only* for those who won't be great in Torah. I think that greatness in Torah requires a fundamental secular education, which today means a college degree. If that weeds out a few candidates for greatness, so be it. I doubt Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, for instance, would say that his university education diminished his ability in Torah.

    And, of course, those not meant for college nonetheless need a basic 'secular' education to pursue whatever livelihood suits them.

    But I'll certainly concede there's more than one way to look at this, and thank God there is finally a hareidi public voice of sanity! No surprise it is Sephardi. What happened to Poalei Agudah? Now, if only a large segment of the public would follow his view...


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