May 12, 2010

Banning of the Eida

According to reports (in both Bechadrei and Tog), a secular boycott of the Eida Haridis hechsher is in the works. Word is being spread, initially via email, telling people to boycott products that have the Eida logo.

They state that buying products with the Eida logo is giving them money to be used to support the hafganot. If their income goes down because less products with the Eida logo would be sold because of the boycott, then the hafganot would disappear as well, as nobody would be funding them.

The Eida doesnt seem concerned, as they say that the hecsher does not support the hafganot. The hafganot are ideological and nobody gets paid to go to hafganot. As well, even if a few people stop buying the products, the demand all over is still great and this won't affect the overall demand.

I dont know how such a boycott is possible. The Eida logo is so pervasive and on so many basic products, you really have to work hard to be able to avoid it. I don't see this being successful, though it might make some good headlines and publicity.


  1. With an attitude like that you could never get a boycott started.

    I know of frum people who try to avoid buying with their hechsher whenever there is an alternative.

    I don't know why people assume that their level of kashrus is higher than any other hechsher.

    Perhaps they have such a high level of success, because there are certain groups who will use no other hechsher, not because of standards, but because of trust. I.e. they only trust their own group. Therefore, the Eda becomes the only hechsher that is trusted by virtually everyone (perhaps with the exception of meat).


  3. finally! what I have been saying for ages...although it's completely hopeless, they are on every food product available.

  4. I too have been advocating this. You're right it's not easy, but each item I buy I look to see if there's an alternative with a different certification. It's even harder if you try to buy mehadrin, but it can be done.

    It could really gain steam if, especially in more secular communities, the groceries made an effort to avoid these products.

  5. for it to be effective people would have to regularly write to the companies letting them know that they are not buying their products because of the presence of the Eidah hechsher.
    if they dont know about that, they will have no reason to stop using the services of the Eida. they have to be told, and by a lot of people.

  6. nce when does a hafgana cost money, besides the price of the matches and lighter fluid?

  7. Posters, flyers, etc. Back with the whole abusive mother issue they put out thousands of full color pamphlets.

  8. Much Hatzlacha!!!


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